Commercial Freehold For Sale In North London

A commercial freehold is a type of property where individuals or businesses own the building and the land the building is on. For people looking to grow their business, find the best possible property for offices or shops, commercial freeholds for sale in North London are a great option. This type of ownership gives you full control and rights of the property. Additionally, you choose the commercial purposes you use the property for.

Paul Simon Seaton Commercial are estate agents who specialise in finding commercial properties for our clients. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, our team can assist. We want to make this process as simple as possible for you. Offering a quick turnaround, we still get the price you want, and within your budget.

Benefits of Commercial Freeholds

When looking for a commercial freehold for sale in North London, there are many benefits to this type of purchase. As previously mentioned, you will have full ownership of the commercial property, rather than renting or leasing a property. By owning the property, you have full control over the commercial purposes of the land you work on and how to use it for your business. Alternatively, it can even be used as an area to rent out to other businesses.

By purchasing a commercial freehold, you have an excellent investment for the long term. Over time, you can receive a fantastic return on investment by leasing the property to other businesses. If you are using the commercial space yourself, you will save money on payments for rent.

With commercial freeholds, you also have fantastic control and flexibility as a business owner. Customising the property, making alterations and improvements and matching the space to your specific business needs becomes much easier. Renting a space might seem ideal, but it’s much more beneficial to have full control over your business space.

Paul Simon Seaton are happy to assist with buying and selling all commercial freeholds in North London. Contact our team on 020 8800 4321 for more information.

Find Commercial Freeholds In North London

Finding the right commercial freehold for sale in North London isn’t an easy task, but estate agents make it a simpler process for every client. Established in 2003, we have over 80 years combined experience helping businesses and individuals find the perfect commercial property. For selling, buying and leasing, we are able to assist, with many great options available.

When trying to find commercial freeholds, you can speak directly to our estate agents, or look online at the properties that we have available. Across our website, you can see which commercial freeholds match your specific needs and what fits within your budget. If you speak to our estate agents, we can update you when new properties become available and when properties fall within your budget.

We also have great knowledge of North London and the wider area. We can support with commercial valuations and ensure you are paying a fair price for commercial freeholds. Whether you are just starting up or a well established business, we aim to deliver a personal service, helping you find an ideal location to achieve business and personal goals.

Contact Commercial Freehold Estate Agents

Paul Simon Seaton are based in North London and have worked throughout the area for over 20 years. We aim to provide clients here with a fast response to all enquiries, helping you find the perfect property with a quick turnaround.

For more information on the services we offer as estate agents, or to begin your search for a new commercial freehold for sale in North London, contact Paul Simon Seaton Commercial. Our team can talk you through all the options you have available and assess your exact specifications. Call us today on 020 8800 4321 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.